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Our Motto:

May gratitude be in every step and action today. Every day in life brings new learning experiences. Like the daily sunrise, a new day will bring opportunities and hope! Hope is always available.


Wishing you a very blessed day. Hope you are doing well and we are glad you came to vist us!


Do you know that learning is very healthy for the brain, and so is learning a new language. It is also a great challenge, especially as we age, learning a new language becomes a very challenging task. Nothing is impossible if you place a strong desire in learning. The learner learns one chunk of knowledge at a time. Learning is very healthy and benefits the brain. Learning is like taking the brain to the gym, exercise is healthy for the body and learning is healthy for the brain.

As reported in www.verywellmind.com:

Education and lifelong learning help us use our brains to their maximum potential by stirring up our curiosity and intellect, Dr. Lagoy adds. The more you use your brain, the more oxygen it requires, and your body increases blood flow to it to fulfill the higher demand. This is what keeps it healthy and active and benefits brain health.

Claire Gillespie. (2022, January 24). verywellmind.com. Retrieved from Life-Long Learning Has Positive Impact on Brain Health and Aging: https://www.verywellmind.com/life-long-learning-has-positive-impact-on-brain-health-and-aging-5215596

Instructional learning theory teaches that our brains learn by segments of information. Each segment of information is like a building block. Each block will form part of the house or building. The most important building block is called “fundamentals”. The idea of foundations is analogous to laying the foundation of a house. If the foundation is not solid and complete, the house will fall down. No matter how many blocks you lay, real learning does not occur.

The learner has to lay each block, one at a time, and learn that “chunk” of information or concepts for learning to occur. The learner also needs the desire and motivation to learn. It is a very healthy exercise for the brain. Learning is healthy for the brain.

In the learning of the words and verses in Spanish, it is highly recommended that the learner get the foundational learning of the Spanish language by taking formal school or college courses.

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The website pages are in progress and you will be find these in the top main. You will find a link for music in Spanish and English and …. as the website title says … And More.

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Our Purpose:

To inspire faith and share postings in Spanish and English. To help in the Spanish language learning process by analyzing the meaning of the words. We will be analyzing Bible Scripture, translating and explaining the meaning of the word and commenting in English and Spanish. Other helpful links will be provided.

There is much to learn when translating from English to Spanish. One of the advantages of doing this is to associate the meaning of words. Learning the meaning of a word is a key to learning a language. God bless you!!!

Christian Spanish and More Inauguration Prayer on 4/29/2023 :

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, guide the author and webmaster to make this website to be a blessing for all the readers of Christian Spanish and More website. Bless each person that reads and learns of the contents and teaching in this website. Bless and heal each of them and their family members and may all know the how special it is for you to continue taking our hands and preparing us for the day we will see you, even when we see you come to bring peace to this planet, when you return.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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